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Welcome to TUSG.org

Postby calzero » May 5th, 2010, 2:46 pm

TUSG.org is a forum for discussion of trade union issues.

TUSG.org is NOT a flame site. Openness of expression is encouraged, argumentativeness tolerated, and partisanship is not a bar to entry, but let's keep it above the belt, OK?

The Management takes no responsibility for the opinions expressed on this site.

Anonymity is encouraged- "if you want someone to tell the truth, give them a mask"

However, please don't post sensitive information- either personal or organizational! When in doubt, leave it out!

Feel free to add comments re:what TUSG.org is, or what you would like to be.

Technical problems of the "this page doesn't show up right with my hardware/software" type, please post in the debug thread in this same forum.

Suggestions for improvement of the site should be posted in the "Ideas for improving the Forum" thread.
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