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It is a corporate reality that we have all experienced at one time or another. On paper, in the same organization, each department must work in the same direction, towards the objectives set by the General Management. However, on a daily basis, the challenges Chile Phone Numbers List to achieving these same goals are very different, even contradictory, from one department to another.

If my IT department's goal this year is to migrate all the data to a new ERP architecture, why would it take the time to do the complex segmentations requested by the Marketing department, whose goal is to take personalized actions? This is just one example, but it illustrates the difficulty of bringing together services with sometimes very different objectives, cultures and operations.

These brakes are all the more blocking in a context where technologies are speeding up production times and where innovation is becoming a determining Chile Phone Numbers List factor for growth. Not to mention that the scope of intervention of the various services is sometimes increasingly vague. Should we deduce from this that the traditional silo operation is doomed to disappear? That companies will move away from a vertical organizational model for a horizontal model? Perhaps not so categorically, but the trend towards “de-piloting” as the Editorial Director of Direct Marketing recently called it is a real phenomenon that has been emerging for some time.
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