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elp in increasing muscle mas

Postby xuezhiqian123 » November 5th, 2019, 2:17 am

Before the beginning of every farm season Xavi Hernandez Barcelona Jersey , most farmers prefer to plan potential yields. Farmers are often presented with various challenges and obstacles that require them to constantly question their productivity and resulting final success. The greatest importance is usually given to crop protection from diseases, inspect pests and weeds as well as to protection from unfavorable weather events such as hail along with other crop maintenance practices and also farmers facing another interesting challenge i.e. wild animal crop protection
Wild animals are a special challenge for farmers through the world. Animals such as cows, buffaloes Thomas Vermaelen Barcelona Jersey , nilgais, pigs, dear Sergio Busquets Barcelona Jersey , wild boars, rabbits, moles Sergi Samper Barcelona Jersey , elephants, monkeys and many others may cause serious damage to crops and they can damage the plants by feeding on plant parts or simply by running over the field and tramping over the crops. Therefore, wild animals may easily cause significant yield losses and provoke additional financial problems. Crop vandalization (the problem of wild animal attacks on crop fields) is becoming a common phenomenon in the state of Andhra Pradesh Sergi Roberto Barcelona Jersey , Telangana, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab and many other state
Do you suffer from these problems? Gamyam Technologies and Prof. Jayashankar Telangana state Agriculture University has introduces the 鈥淜hethi Rakshak鈥?to minimise the human 鈥?wildlife conflict using Acoustic & Information Technology.
Khethi Rakshak is a machine 2 machine communication device. The system is very adaptive to nature and we are using advanced machine 2 machine learning techniques in this system it is a perfect solution for these problems.
The bio-acoustics technology uses only natural sounds of predators Sandro Ramirez Barcelona Jersey , distress and alarm calls of target and closely related species of target animals. The calls are broadcast in a field by using an electronic platform with sound drives. Bio-acoustics tries to convey the message 鈥榯his area is dangerous鈥?to the target animals in their own language. On hearing the sounds, the target animals start avoiding the area, thus saving the crop from being damaged. The sounds are natural and safe on humans Samuel Umtiti Barcelona Jersey , birds and animals.
Khethi Rakshak system is very effective in driving-off the animals from the fields. The device automatically get switch on based on the system time or can be switched on manually using smart phone. With one time charging of the device for 4-6 hours, the device works approx. 14 hours.
The device can be charged through 230Volts AC power or when there is no source of AC power to the farmer in the field can charge the device using 12V Solar panel. The device is equipped with Lithium-ion battery, with 14 hours of power backup with one charge. The device works on Single phase or three phase power.
Features of Khethi Rakshak:
Hard ware Features:
1. Power OnOff
2. Volume Increase Decrease via SMS and Manually
3. Playing specific call sequence through SMS
4. Location of the device installed
5. LatLong of the Device through cell tower triangulation
6. GSM Signal LowHigh alert
7. Unique ID for the device
8. Lithium ion battery strength
9. Device working on Main power or battery
10. Device working or not working alert when switched on
Software Features:
1. Device onoff
2. Low battery alerts
3. Switch over from solar to AC current
4. Box open close alert
5. Power cut off alerts
6. OverUnder heat alerts
7. Shock alert
8. Changed location alert
Use of Bio acoustic:
1. Bio acoustic is a new technology uses only natural sounds of predators Rafinha Barcelona Jersey , distress and alarm calls of target and closely related species of target animals .
2. The calls are broadcasted using electronic platform with sound drives.
3. On hearing the sounds, the target animals start avoiding the area.
4. The sounds are natural and safe on humans, birds and animals.
5. Equipment produces fixed volume of 110 dB
6. Covers an area of 8-10 acres
7. At 37 dB of ambient noise Pedro Rodriguez Barcelona Jersey , equipment cover up to 19 acres
8. 92% effective in dispersing wild animals and birds from cropped area
Benefits of using Khethi Rakshak
1. Cost Effective: Onetime investment to maximize yield of the corps.
2. Economic benefit
3. Eco friendly & Easy to use
4. Not killing of wild animals saving the farmer agony
5. Reduction in man animal conflict

For more details contact us @ Khethi Rakshak

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