The concept that Kap was removed from Madden NFL 21

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The concept that Kap was removed from Madden NFL 21

Postby Nanlina » July 9th, 2020, 4:36 am

Nobody noticed, or anyone who did detect did not bring this up from'18. As it was brought up around'19, it was fixed. Yeah, they got sued for Mut 20 coins for sale licensing issues, to me that could make it look clear that they would be overly cautious around using player likenesses and references with no rights. I am not sure what you're implying by bringing up that, if you could elaborate that would help. They aren't sorry about making the mistake. They were sorry they have caught and known for cooperating with all the NFL on blackballing Kap.

The concept that Kap was removed from Madden NFL 21 from an abundance of caution flies that EA intentionally engaged in and was. In the long run, EA gives 0 fucks about the protests or the death of George Floyd (they left off in their platitude filled press release). They just didnt want to share the spotlight since they wouldn't receive any attention. They are welcome to make this decision. To couch it as if they have ANY concern for lives that are brown and black is a disgraceful, pitiful and, frankly misappropriation of other people's tragedies.

Why would they even choose to include if they had been actively attempting to blackball him music that cite Kaepernick? If you can answer that, or provide an example of them"actively and deliberately engaged in including the likeness of different players who had not been licensed to them" then I'd see that side of it. Otherwise we are only imagining the worst based off nothing. Ive connected the lawsuit with former NFL players you've reacted to. Concerning the tune question, I have exactly the same question. Why would you add a song understanding it references a player, who (if you believe them) you do not have the license to mention... unless, of course, you wished to make an impression.

And I replied that I thought that really reinforces the argument that they censored it out of caution, when you think about the chronology. If you had any other examples that occurred after or during'18, it might highlight the discrepancy fairly nicely. Now it just looks like a cause and consequence, rather than a deviation. Remember Kaepernick resisted the NFL right before this. So you've EA suffering a licensing suit along with a player who sued the NFL, censoring his name from warning produces a lot of logical sense. Censoring his title does not make as much sense to me.

The idea they were more careful with Kap because of the lawsuit makes little sense given that the Kap incident occurred with players prior to buy Madden 20 coins their settlement. During those seven weeks, EA's attorneys continued to insist that reference players had been appropriate. Not like anyone's losing sleep over a (probably) cinematic trailer promoting a game that will just be precisely the same as last year's. Comes off as EA hoping to get people to forget that they renewed basically a monopoly on NFL Madden NFL that pissed off sports game lovers.
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