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Our History
Glory Enterprise was founded in 2008,with 10 years history already.We are located in Zhengzhou,which is in the central of China.We have been focusing on food/snack equipment.Over 10 years development,we have grown from a trading company into an Enterprise. Now we have our own factory & 2 international trading companies,including Create/Glory/Yituo.Create is mainly with 2 branches for production. One is for producing food cart/food truck,while another one is for producing ice cream machines.We have been developing new ideas & new products.In the year of 2013,we developed the first new product( thailand ice cream machine) in China. While from the year of 2015,we developed lots of new designs of food carts.In year of 2017,we built two warehouses in America for our ice cream machines. In year of 2018,we visited many countries,like Dubai,Mexico,Poland for business. We expect to develop more business in different countries !
Our Factory
Our factory is located in Zhengzhou,central of China. It is with 10000square meter totally.Currently,we have 40 workers for our food cart factories,while 35 workers for our ice cream machine factories.We have two Research & Development Department.One is for food cart,while another is for ice cream machine. Besides,we also have our own design department.
Now, our factory is with complete working machinery: Precise CNC System, Folding and Cutting Machine, Painting House,Testing Room,Showroom etc. We have been insisting on top
quality& best services principle. And we convince that money is valuable while trust is priceless, Top quality is our promise for every customer. Moreover,we love new things, so we welcome any fantastic ideas from you !
Our Product
1). Food Trailer:
Food trailer is with a tow bar,which is towable.We have many different kinds of series for it,like square shape,round shape,with different sizes & designs.With a food trailer,you can tow it anywhere.The speed can reach 80km/h.While we are able to install equipment inside,so that can be used an ice cream cart/hot dog cart/hamburger cart,etc.
2). Electric Food Truck:
Electric food truck is with batteries,so that you can drive it anywhere.There are different types models & sizes for selection.The speed of electric truck is 50km/h.After fully charging(8-10 hours),it runs 50-80km usually.
3). Gasoline Food Truck:
Gasoline food truck is with an engine.It is very convenient to be anywhere.Its highest speed is 110km/h.Usually,our chassis is from China famous brand,Kerry or Dongfeng.
4). Mini Food Cart:
Mini food cart includes mini hot dog cart,breakfast food cart,pushed ice cream cart,bike ice cream cart,bike coffee cart,mini ice cream kiosk. This kind of cart is widely used on street for selling coffee,hot dog,ice cream,etc.
5). Kiosk:
Kiosk,we are able to make it like the newspaper kiosk,fruits kiosk,food kiosk,etc according to your request.Usually,it is with small wheels or without wheels,which will be put in a fixed place.
Product Application
Food cart can be used for ice cream cart,hamburger cart,juice cart, churros cart,crepe cart,hot food cart,beer cart,etc.While we are able to customized it for other purpose,like smoke cart,clothes selling cart, according to your request. It can be used for attending any events,street,beach,school,university,hospital,station,etc.
Our Certificate
Our food cart is with CE certificate.While we have NSF certification for our ice cream machines.
Production Equipment
We have Precise CNC System, Folding and Cutting Machine, Painting House,and Welding Robot,etc.
Production Market
Our main market is USA,UK,Poland,Belgium,France,New Zealand,Australia,UAE,Qatar, Oman,Ecuator,Chile,Mexico,etc.In 2016,we are the No.1 supplier in China for American market,which is showed on American customs data.
Our service
Before selling,our export salesman will discuss with you in details,about buyers’ plan,ideas,then we will give you introduction about food cart,design,sizes,as well as equipment.And then,we will design 2D or 3D layout for further confirmation.Once everything is confirmed including food cart,equipment,freight,total prices,then we will issue a proforma invoice for your payment.
After selling before delivery,we will update you the process every week with photos & videos.Once cart finished,we will show you all details for confirmation.Then buyers can make the balances,once we receive,we will arrange delivery asap. Then after ship setting off,we will inform buyer copies of papers by email,and the estimated arrival date.Once buyers receiving the goods,we will provide one year warranty for them.Within the warranty,parts in Manual is for free.Big Hot Dog Cart
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