China ITS Standard Electrode Holder

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China ITS Standard Electrode Holder

Postby eng34df » March 3rd, 2020, 10:12 pm

ModelEquivalent modelMaterialProduct nameABCMOQ
PA-40005CER-009222/ ER-010063
Standard Copper
S15 Brass Holder51mm16.5mm41mm12PCS
PA-40006CS20 Brass Holder51mm21.5mm41mm12PCS
PA-40007CS25 Brass Holder51mm26.5mm41mm12PCS
Application gallery:
Q: if I want some larger size slot, what should I do?
A: we also have size 10mm and 30mm for customer to choose but not showing in the catalogue only. If you have any question about size, please feel free to contact us.
Q: what cutting thickness should I set for CNC machining when I use those holders in EROWA and PLUS AUTO system?
A: for soft material like brass electrode or graphite, you can machining 0.5mm each time just like normal, for harder material like steel, it is better to go with 0.1mm each time.
Q: How to maintain those holders after using?
A: try to keep the foot safe and free in anytime except you using on the chuck.China ITS Standard Electrode Holder
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