Captive-audience meeting strategies

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Captive-audience meeting strategies

Postby wes » July 11th, 2010, 4:56 pm

Does anyone have good strategies/tactics for captive audience meetings?

One school of thought says "keep your mouth shut," based on keeping secret who is pro-union. I used this once in a campaign- a campaign we lost. It might be right for certain circumstances, but I am convinced it is not a tactic for all seasons.

Anyone know any good pointed questions to ask?

"Will anyone be fired because they want a union?"

"How much is the company going to spend to keep the union out?"

In one captive-audience meeting, a co-worker openly stated that he was for the union, and, "just so everyone understands, you guys [management] don't want the union, because you'll have to give us more money..." That campaign, we won, although they guy who came out pro-union played an ultimately ambiguous role. He was kinda a weird guy...

Other ideas?
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