So you're suggesting they go into a game knowing they likely

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So you're suggesting they go into a game knowing they likely

Postby Dingbest » September 4th, 2020, 3:55 am

NBA 2K21 has been out for over 11 months, so there's no reason that I need to have to wait for 30 minutes to play a match since you men are afraid to lose. We bought NBA 2K21 to PLAY with NBA 2K21 MT a simulated basketball game, not to run around. Tell me about it. I am an Elite with a relatively high win% and people will literally walk into the other side and pull their telephone to check and determine when they would like to play me. Even whole ass squads with rep will run like flies.

The number of times I have needed to hop off a court so people are more likely to play with is insanity. There needs to be a way to conceal rep. People care too much about looking as though they're good compared to really being good. I want them win and to conceal rep. Reveal it if NBA 2K21 loads when people do their intro. Before that merely show position, assemble, and overall. I concur when they find their opponents are better rep compared to them but people will only dodge, I believe the alternative is to have it not observable before the end of NBA 2K21, very similar to asymmetric multiplayer games such as Dead.

I used to despise back in 2K19 (or was it 18 I can not recall ) that while you're waiting on the court you could not see your winstreak until NBA 2K21 began and you asked somebody. We understand that it was a blessing in disguise. I have to acquire a 6 winstreak. I mean I know why a few run imaging you as2 and u play with a poisonous lineup pure lockdown, play shot, paint monster or interior drive abusing screens not actually a fun again. Most are helpless to play although I really don't run from anybody.

Have 2 corner hoes while 1 man ISO's is boring for 4/6 people enjoying. It is for making that a winning strat but it's understandable why people would not do that, 2Ks mistake. If you are not having fun then what's the point it is a game? Actually do not do that, I discovered it is easier to get games when you are on high win streak and somebody finds some balls and try to beat you. On the other hand they view you're an elite squad and if you hop off you're never getting games.

So you're suggesting they go into a game knowing they likely will lose? Lol 2K should have it similarly skilled men and women match up jointly & folks don't need to worry about things like this. If you are running you'll likely lose to anybody. I know those who are new to NBA 2K21 not wanting to Buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins play with a legend or elite however some people have been around NBA 2K21 annually and just look to get bums to beat up on. While I would love matchmaking that is theirs to save the people who don't want confront someone as good or better then them. Way too many factors to determine how a person should be rated.
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