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1. As soon as we buy cigarettes, don't rush to smoke as soon as they are opened. We have to open the cigarettes for a minute or two, because the cigarettes have been enclosed in the production process after adding the production agent. The right way to smoke 22. Before smoking, drink some water, it is good for the body []Carton Of Cigarettes[/url], if we feel different in smoking, then stop smoking. The right way to smoke 33. We can only smoke two thirds, and the remaining third is twice the tar and nicotine. The right way to smoke4. Don't think that smoking is expensive, you must finish smoking. If that's the case, then think again about how we would choose if we smoke two two-thirds of the cigarettes without the harm of a whole cigarette. Use your right index finger and middle finger to hold the cigarette. When ordering, put the cigarette end into your mouth, don't put too much. Use the lighter to light up. When you see the cigarette butt lit, take a breath and hurry up, but don't be too fast, you will be choked. When smoking, just suck a cigarette into your mouth, but don't swallow it. Contained in the mouth, inhale with your nose, and the smoke will slowly come out of your nose when you exhale. Smoking does not hurt the liver. Teaching you to smoke, I feel criminal. But I can only hope you will not be addicted like me. Method 1: Don't spit it out after drawing the cigarette into your mouth, open your mouth and inhale with your mouth, then you will feel throat discomfort, then you can breathe out, you can use your mouth and nose. Method 2: Don't spit it out after sucking the smoke into your mouth, open your mouth, use your tongue or cheeks to squeeze the smoke out of your mouth slowly, inhale with your nose, the smoke will be sucked into your lungs through your nose Part, and then exhale, use your mouth and nose. Nothing too cool []Cigarettes Online[/url], just dizzy and relaxed. It's better to have a beer. How to use the right way of smoking? Smoking must pass through the lungs. After inhaling the smoke into the mouth, pause for 2-4 seconds, swallow the smoke through the throat, and then exhale slowly from the nasal cavity. This is a comprehensive method of smoking, and all sensory organs can fully feel Wonderful smoke rhyme, this is the smoking method used by most smokers. Smoking is harmful to health. For many smokers, it is very difficult to quit smoking. Since we can't quit, we should learn the skills of healthy smoking and reduce the harm of smoking to the body. The following seven methods teach you how to smoke correctly []Wholesale Cigarettes[/url]. One: You must add enough water before smoking. People who smoke are likely to suffer from bronchitis, pneumonia, pulmonary heart disease or cancer-related diseases, mainly because the human body will cause a large amount of water loss during long-term smoking, and water is life. The source should replenish water every day, and also remove tar from the lungs. Water can expel most of the harmful substances produced during smoking through the urethra. When the body's water is out of balance, the human heart, lungs, spleen, liver, kidney and other organs cannot function normally. Therefore, healthy smoking requires smokers to smoke while maintaining the body's water balance and develop the habit of smoking after drinking water. Two: one cigarette must be smoked at a time. Now many people are very weak in smoking health, lack of knowledge about smoking, many people in order to smoke a few cigarettes, smoked a cigarette several times, extinguished again, As everyone knows, the smoke inhaled into the lungs is carbonized smoke after smoking, which is more harmful to the body than smoking. Carbonized cigarettes cannot be smoked! The carbonized part of cigarettes gathers more tar and harmful substances. At the same time, it needs to pay several times the smoking power when it is ignited again to bring more harmful substances into the body. Therefore, the smothered smoke can no longer be smoked. Three: The newly opened cigarettes should be put and then smoked newly bought cigarettes, can not immediately smoke when just opened the cigarette case, this is like a newly renovated house can not be moved in immediately, it takes a few days to ventilate. Because of the various chemical additives, adhesives and cigarette packaging materials added in the production process of cigarettes, they are all closed in the cigarette box at a speed of 2, 500 to 10, 000 per minute. After opening the packaging, the accumulated printing ink, various chemical additives and adhesives, and various odors and harmful ingredients generated by non-tobacco substances must have a full release process before they can return their tobacco. true colors. Therefore, when you buy new cigarettes by yourself, unpack the new cigarettes, let them be exposed to the air more, and wait a few minutes before smoking, which can effectively reduce the harm of smoking to the body. Four: Intermittent smoking one by one is a bad smoking habit. Like overeating, it causes serious harm to human hea.
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